Everything around specialty coffee breathes excellence. From growing exclusive coffee varieties in best soil to handpicked and sorted cherries, careful processing, elaborate roasting profiles and finally, best, ideally regional products to prepare a drink that ends up in your cup. Due to years of passionatly working with specialty coffee, it is my heart, to bring this spirit of excellence to your event and contribute to its success.

In detail, excellency for me starts with using filtered water for the machine, highest quality specialty coffees from the best coffee roasteries near and far, well prepared and catered to your guests. I use sustainable and ecological products, ideally regional. The equipment I use is state of the art. Through my work as a coffee roaster and barista, I´m constantly exposed to the most up-to-date research on how to prepare coffee well and am convinced that you will benefit from that.


I´ve witnessed many entrepreneurs who tried to be everything, their customers expected them to be. I´ve chosen a different path. My goal is to focus on coffee and coffee-based drinks, caring for the detail. That means, if you wish food alongside the coffee, I do have a big network of caterers that work at least with the same standards as I do and I´ll happily put them in contact with you but won´t provide food myself.


It´s been said, that Germany is a desert for service culture. I´ve made it my goal to change that perception wherever I can. My experience is, that everything starts with listening properly, discerning expectations and communicating well.

I want to cater well to your demands and expectations, thinking out of the box and bringing flexible and, if needed, unconventional solutions. From my experience, the best product won´t have an impact, if people do not feel appreciated and taken serious in who they are and the needs they have. My aim is to create an atmosphere where people can relax, feel valued and enjoy to the fullest.